Posted by: sioglac | Oct 29, 2011


Well here we go. The field season is 12 days away, so it seemed like an appropriate time to sit down, turn on some college football, and create a blog. Although I suppose I’ve been on lots and lots of field trips over the past 3 years, I haven’t be out for my own field work since January 2008. Needless to say, I’m a bit excited to get out there. Speaking about “getting” there, turns out that might just be a bit more difficult than expected: Qantas went on strike today. Can all this settled in the 12 days, please? kthx.

As for keeping you in the loop, I’ll hopefully be tweeting from a sat phone with some frequency, updating this blog whenever we find ourselves with some down time (assuming of course I actually end up with a modem in the field), and, when we’re all done in January, dumping lots and lots of pretty pictures our picasa album. (Picasa album? Picasa site? Picasa space? No idea what I’m supposed to call it.) I’m seasoned vet with the twitter thing (#embarrassing), but this whole blogging concept is new to me. So don’t hesitate to leave some advice. Like on layout. Or what I should change the “Leave a comment” link to…

Expect some posts in the next week with some deets on me, packing, and what we’re gonna be doing down south. Until then, here’s an NPR photo gallery for your entertainment and an article about my two worlds colliding. Happy Halloween-ish.



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