Posted by: sioglac | Nov 7, 2011

Oops! It’s a blog about Antarctica, right?

How could I be so silly to forget! I’m going to Antarctica. I’m gonna see these guys:

adorable adelie penguins

I literally could not be more excited. I’ve been in love with penguins since… oh just about forever. Happy Feet 2 comes out while I’m at McMurdo Station. Anyone have a contact at Warner Brothers?! It’d be pretttyyyyyy cool if we got them to livestream it to Antarctica opening night. Just saying.




  1. Dear Matt,
    We are following your blog and your exciting trip. We appreciate that you took the time to come to our classroom on your busy day before you left for Antarctica. We hope your trip has been great so far. The kids are looking forward to pictures, especially if you see any penguins! Take care and we will promise to keep in touch with you!
    Room 11 OB Elementary

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