Posted by: sioglac | Nov 10, 2011

Yeah runnin’ down a dream…

I know it’s so cliche to title posts with song lyrics, but I’m gonna keep doing it. Moving on.

For those that don’t know me well, I’m a runner. I ran my first marathon my senior year of high school (that’s 7.5 years ago now… wow), then picked it up again the summer between the 1st and 2nd years of my Masters. Since then, I’ve run 5 more marathons and countless shorter races. So, yeah, I run a lot.

Now one question my friends ask me all the time is how I’ll run in Antarctica (note: not if). And the answer is: I won’t.

Okay, that’s not quite true. While I’m at McMurdo, I hope to be running. Especially since I love running in cold weather. While I’m out in the field though, if it’s nice enough to be outside running, I’ll be busy outside working. And no, I didn’t pack a treadmill.

Since we’re here, let’s talk races down south. I know of three races in and about Antarctica. There’s a marathon in March on the Peninsula (that long tongue that sticks out toward South America) which is on gravel roads that connect nearby permanent bases.

Then there is the Antarctic Ice Marathon, near the Ellsworth Mountains (~80 degrees south). This is a rugged marathon on the ice sheet’s interior, complete with cold temperatures and bitter winds. I really (REALLY) want to run this someday.

Last, there’s the two mile race around the world. Hosted by South Pole Station (or alternatively,, this race takes you across every line of longitude, which, up at the equator would be a short 25,000 mile jaunt. Down here, it’s 2 miles. A bit more reasonable. Except for the fact that you are at an elevation of 9300 feet. The course record is 13:32, which is not much faster than my training pace in San Diego. This race is just screaming my name.

On that note, anyone want to collaborate on some research near the South Pole?? Anyone know of other races (especially at McMurdo)??




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