Posted by: sioglac | Nov 13, 2011

As promised, pictures of ChC

My second day in Christchurch was pretty low key. I woke up and worked for a bit on various odds-and-ends, then wandering the city for 90 minutes with camera in-tow. Then headed off to the CDC (Clothing Distribution Center) for Extreme Cold Weather (ECW) clothing. (You’ll find out soon enough that there are 3 letter acronyms for everything.) Evening consisted of a run around Hagley Park and the Botanical Gardens (which were really beautiful and surprisingly empty) and repacking my personal gear (I’ll explain why in my next post about the trip to the ice). Without further ado, pictures of a (beautiful) city 9 months after an earthquake…

A note about pictures from here on out: All my pictures will be downsized to lighten the load on the limited McMurdo bandwidth (the tubes get clogged easily it seems). If you want a picture in high resolution, shoot me an e-mail and I can send it your way.

Extreme danger. Ben thinks this makes people want to go in more than just a “danger” sign. I don’t disagree

Fixing the roof on one of the taller buildings in Christchurch

Watching the demolition of a building. Strangely hypnotizing.

The most jarring part of walking downtown Christchurch for me was looking into store windows and tables were still overturned and coated in dust inside.

And now the question is what the city should do after being devastated by an natural disaster to raise morale. I thought Christchurch’s answer was incredible: quickly build a small outdoor mall out of brightly colored shipping containers right in the center of downtown, fill it with cute, hip boutique-y stores, and name the mall re:START:



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