Posted by: sioglac | Nov 17, 2011

Eating in McMurdo and an update

Shooting off a quick blog post before an evening debrief. I’ve fielded a few questions about what eating in McMurdo is like. I’ll answer any question about McMurdo thusly: imagine college, then increase the age of everyone there.

I live in a very small 1 room triple and my bathroom is shared by everyone on the floor. The food is cafeteria food that actually is pretty good. We throw around jokes about the McMurdo 15. And everyone got really excited about the curly fries at lunch today. Like I saw multiple people carrying bowls filled with curly fries. And we put fro-yo (“frosty boy”) on all desserts. Hello college. There’s coffee 24 hours a day, too, which is nice.

One major update: The absolute earliest we fly out is a week from today (Friday). We are bummed out (hoping for Monday), but such is life in McMurdo. Everyone needs flight time and weather delays everything (even though the weather is still incredible in McMurdo. Like t-shirt weather). Strangely enough, this delay hasn’t changed our workload at all. I have a slew of blogposts coming: my Ob Tube experience, Happy Camper stuff, snowmobile school, food pull, cargo loading, what we’re actually down here for. But now: our debrief.




  1. […] pretty typical McMurdo desert. Chocolate cake topped with Frosty Boy, m&ms, and chocolate […]

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