Posted by: sioglac | Nov 20, 2011

Recreating at McMurdo

Although life has slowed down significantly since pushing a bulk of cargo through the system on Saturday, we still have errand after errand to run. That being said, we finally have found some time to recreate. As I’ve already told you, my main form of recreating is running. Sadly my first run had to be located inside the “gerbil gym” (AKA cardio gym)  due to a bit of weather that rolled in early Saturday afternoon. Late Saturday evening (or rather early Sunday morning), Lucas, Angie, and myself decided an impromptu hike of Ob Hill was in order:

Looking down over McMurdo after a snowy evening

Mountain man Lucas

Enthralled by Scott’s CrossAngie gives a big thumbs up for our decision making skills

Sunday afternoon, I ducked out just before dinner to run over to Scott Base. It was snowing massive, fluffy snowflakes with a temperature up around 20F. In other words: perfect running weather. Huw skiied the Castle Rock loop (next on my list to hike) and claims it was the best cross country skiing snow he’s seen down here (this is his 10th field season). Anyway, I ran into John, a sheet metal worker down here who is training for the McMurdo Marathon, which is taking place just after I leave in January. Total sad face. Some pictures from my run:

The road to Scott Base

 The Scott Base windmill farm

You can see Scott Base in the background

Hopefully we’ll get some group rec-time in this week while we wait for our put-in flight





  1. Could you list all the people who will be in your (camping, expedition?) group and where they are from (institution etc.)?

    • I’m going to do that when I do my science overview. But I could do a quick rundown before then…

      • Thank. Its hard to keep everyone straight.

  2. […] Paul hopes to update his website. Odds and ends like that. Today, Captain Huw decided to push more recreation. My morning activity was another run to Scott Base and back (with a nasty wind blowing on the […]

  3. Are you running in sneaks or tiger boots? Also, do you have crampons/are they ever necessary?

    • No crampons I don’t think. I don’t really foresee is being on bare ice. In the field we are mostly on snowmobiles.

    • I didn’t realize this was in response to running. No crampons while running. Ran in trailrunners the first time. Now running in my regular trainers.

  4. […] we weren’t allowed to leave base to ski the Castle Rock loop. So we hiked Ob Hill instead. Like last time, we hiked straight up into a cloud. You can view our group shot from the hike if you click the […]

  5. […] I think I’ve covered everything I’m doing in past posts. We pulled food, packed cargo, recreated some, and ate a lot. I guess I may be a bit jaded at this point, so you should head over to […]

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