Posted by: sioglac | Nov 25, 2011

He’s racing and pacing and plotting the course…

Back to song lyrics as post titles it seems. Anyway, TODAY IS THANKSGIVING! Wahoooooo. And as is the case everywhere else stateside, we have a little run this morning: the McMurdo Turkey Trot 5K. I haven’t raced since the Chicago Marathon back in early October and have done very little training since then, so this was one of those “go out knowing it’s gonna hurt and try to hold on.” The race itself was a lot more official than I thought it was going to be. Case in point, we actually had bibs:

There are a LOT of pictures of the race (thanks McMurdo residents!!), so I’m gonna throw them on here after the break. Click “read more” for a race summary and lots of pictures…

The race started at the chapel, ran through town, turned right after the Galley, left at Hotel California, past the BFC and Science Cargo, then up (well the whole time we’ve been running uphill) to the Scott Base sign. Turn around and reverse. Went out for a 10 minute warm up, stretched a bit, then tried to stay warm and out of the wind in the Chapel:

I ran this race 2.5 hours ago and there’s already a video on YouTube of the start! You can see me on the right side in a BRIGHT yellow shirt:

The three guys dressed as Turkeys clucking the whole time were definitely a highlight of my running career. I’ll tell the story of the race in pictures and captions. Big ol’ thanks to the volunteers for a wonderful race and the people who took pictures and put them on the I-drive!

We were pretty cluttered running through town. The wind was straight in our face and stupid me decided to take the lead right around the BFC. I continued in the lead pretty much the entire way up to the turn around point. The wind was ripping down the hill, so I couldn’t hear how many people were in the pack I was leading. Turns out, we were three:

The last picture with Mount Discovery in the background is incredible. Wouldn’t pictures like this just be awesome for a Rudy Project or Icebreaker advertisement?! I am open to sponsorships after all. Ha. Anyway, I led the pack of three up a hill and through the wind. Both runners blew right past me on the downhill. Note to self: bring YakTrax next time I come down. I definitely have a speed limit running down the hill due to ice and snow. Although from this picture, you might not believe that my feet ever hit the ground:

I ended up passing one of the guys in front of me who pulled up with a hamstring issue around Science Cargo. The guy who won absolutely bombed down the hill in his YakTrax and beat me by a good 30 seconds or so. Someone filmed the first 3 finishers, so I went ahead and put it up on YouTube for all to see:

Me being chased by turkeys. I could not stop laughing.Crossing the line in 2nd

Although we are still bummed about our delayed flights and all, getting to run this race and eat a real Thanksgiving is a nice silver lining. Couldn’t have chose a better weekend to be stuck in McMurdo! Oh, I almost forgot. LOTS of costumes in the race. Some highlights:

Penguins should always dance with gorillas

Now the wait is on for dinner….



  1. Clearly you have it in the bag next year once you’ve learned to run downhill, but when you do win I will only tolerate moderate amounts of bragging. Glad your thanksgiving turned out well!

  2. Best race report ever! I really like the turkeys. I can barely run in Yak Trax – can’t imagine racing in them. Awesome stuff. (fyi the wind sounded awful!)

  3. Weird that you would need the Yak Trax considering your feet never touch the ground…

  4. Love it! Good to see you are finding ways to fill in the time while you wait to get out to the ice. Send my regards to everyone.

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