Posted by: sioglac | Dec 2, 2011

The Nerdery

Yesterday was Michelle‘s birthday, for which her friends threw a surprise party after dinner. Surprise worked like a charm and the party was wonderful, complete with cake, presents, and Richard Simmons exercise videos:

I tell you this because one of Michelle’s friends made a “being cold”-themed mix. Huw, in turn, jokingly tasked me to create a mix of songs about science. I ignored the fact that he was joking and turned this into my Saturday morning task. I limited myself to the length of a CD (80 minutes) even though I have no intention of creating a physical CD since I don’t think I even own a CD player anymore. With that said, I present to you my science mix entitled The Nerdery:

I started it off with a bang– a song about collaborating, bioluminescence, and ice. I guess I loosened up my definition of “about science” a little bit. But if you think about it, Otis Redding actually croons about his meteorology skills. Marvin Gaye makes some really interesting geomorphological observations. Gaga succulently explains genetics. And Jimmy Cliff seems to have Newton’s second and third laws of motion in mind. The only stretch in my opinion is Stars by Kylie Minogue, but I’m pretty sure if you are in the southern hemisphere, you are legally obligated to include a Kylie song in any and all mixes (plus Huw really likes her music).

To tell you the truth, there really is no shortage of science-y music. I had to make some tough cuts. Cold as Ice by Foreigner. Lightning Crashs by Live. Drops of Jupiter by Train. Wait, maybe I have enough for volume two…

Two notes:

(1) Bingo night was a few days ago. I came within one square on two of my three cards of winning the final “blackout” round. One of people at our table (who spent a grand total of 72 hours in McMurdo before flying off to WAIS Divide) won free surf lessons in Christchurch a few rounds previous.

(2) This song is stuck in the heads of everyone in our group:

Weather permitting, I’m learning how to cross country ski in 45 minutes. Hope your weekend is as great as mine!



  1. You have to add “Supercollider” by Tribe to your mix – the only known reference to CERN in a rock song. Or any song, for that matter. Oh, and “Chemistry” by Supersonic. This list could go on and on, but definitely Supercollider.

  2. Only a truly confident man tells the world that he’s currently listening to Bonnie Tyler. Bold choice…

  3. ohmygodohmygod. neighborhood 2 (laika) by arcade fire (because space is cool), yoshimi battles the pink robots by the flaming lips (robots = science), my mathematical mind by spoon, anything by daft punk (duh). also saturn by stevie wonder is one of the funniest songs ever written.

    • you are the biggest hipster ever. seriously. arcade fire, flaming lips, spoon, and daft punk? come on. and thats coming from the guy who wears tigers around antarctica. #inyoface

      • I too was wearing tigers when I posted that.

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