Posted by: sioglac | Dec 19, 2011

And here we go

So now after that long post about my past 11 days, I’m probably going to have a lot of shorter posts about random going-ons here at our grounding zone camp on the Whillans Ice Stream. You know, to give you a sense about life here or something.

We’ll start with this one: when 8 young (young meaning under 40) geophysicists get together, the amount of computers in camp quickly becomes absolutely insane. I don’t have a full count on hand, but within arms distance, I can see 7. I’m pretty sure we are averaging about 2 computer per person (I have two, unless you count my iphone, in which case I have 3).

Something even crazier: Knut brought his wireless backup system. I’m backing up my (7 gigabytes) of GPS data right now, but I’m also putting some movies on there too. Which means I can sit in my tent on an ice sheet and stream a movie in bed. I’m also fairly certain this is the only wireless network for about 600 miles, yet it’s still password protected. Can never be too safe, I suppose…


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