Posted by: sioglac | Dec 30, 2011

Finally an update of sorts

Well, I’m still too tired to write a full post. Finished day 4 of active seismic work, where for every 24 minutes of data collection, we dig for 45-50 minutes. Holes are every 20 meters for 40,000 meters. We are about 18,000 meters into it, so we’re actually making pretty speedy work of this project. And the data we are collecting is looking extremely high quality. Huw has been super giddy the past few days as a result.

On the GPS front, we still have 4 GPS to move (which requires digging 48-56 holes between 2 of us, each of which is a lot bigger and deeper than the seismic holes—we dig a lot if you haven’t noticed) and we still are waiting for our Twin Otter flights up to Subglacial Lake Mercer to service the last two GPs units. Our camp has been engulfed in fog the past few days, which is why we haven’t flown out yet. The fog lifted today and we had sunshine and warmth for our digging, which was a nice change of pace.

Oh Happy Holidays (and Happy New Year soon… New Year’s Eve begins in 2 hours here)! I guess I haven’t mentioned this yet, but our Christmas dinner consisted of bacon wrapped dates, mashed potatoes, green bean cassarole, stuffing, and Cornish game hen. So so so good. Off to bed. If the wind gods are on our side, we’ll finished up the first seismic line tomorrow.



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