Posted by: sioglac | Feb 1, 2012

Making the News!

Long time, no see guys. I have lots of posts coming, but it’s been busy getting settled back in San Diego and doing all the post-field debriefing. That being said, I want (need!) to draw your attention to an article from the Washington Post, available here.

Our science made the news! Now I do have to note that this isn’t “news”. The Russians released basically the exact same press release saying they would breach the lake last year. Don’t believe me? Well how about this:

2012: Scientists close to entering Vostok, Antarctica’s biggest subglacial lake

2011: Mysteries of Lake Vostok on brink of discovery

NPR actually nicely notes that this is in fact an update from last year’s article. Here’s the thing: it’s February 1st. By February 7th last year, drilling was shut down. With 10 meters to go, it would be so hard to stop, but that’s what happens in Antarctica. We all know by now that Antarctica is the harshest continent, right? Especially up on the Polar Plateau.

Anywho, it’s always good to see our science in the news! A friend noted that it makes it seem like  the be-all-end-all (end-all-be-all? who knows.) of Antarctic exploration. Well with three massive collaborations all trying to drill a subglacial lake (the three being WISSARD at Whillans, the Russians at Vostok, and the UK at Ellsworth), it kinda is. Not to pat ourselves on the back, but to me at least, it has a bit of “space race” feel to it.

And a side note: I don’t agree with the characterization of Vostok as the “crown jewel” of Antarctic science. Where’s the Whillans love, guys??



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