Posted by: sioglac | Dec 12, 2012

And now back to our regularly scheduled program….

Hey, it’s been awhile, eh? I actually have no idea where the time went (okay, fine. I do. My office). Today is 12/12/12, which reminded me that 11/11/11 didn’t exist for me, since I was flying over the International Date Line on my way to Christchruch, NZ. Which reminded me that I was absolutely, 100% derelict in my duties to my fans [ugh, fan*. Hi Mom!].

But I’m back. And for good this time.

Why am I really back? Well I’m prepping for this year’s WISSARD field season. It’s going to be very different from the last one. Remember how we had a crew 8 last year? Yeah, that’s going to be ~40 this year. In fact, there are 28 already at McMurdo Station. Seriously.

In honor of my return, I’ll throw three quick comments/stories at you:

(1) I went to my parent’s house in Chicago for Thanksgiving this year. I got in late Tuesday night. Wednesday morning, I wake up, make some coffee, and open the paper. What do I find? Oh, just an article about WISSARD. No mention of me (understandable) or this blog (the nerve!!), but impeccable timing nonetheless. Look forward to more articles like this in the near future: I’m pretty sure at this very moment, my advisor is being interviewed by someone from WaPo.

(2) I ran in my first Turkey Trot this year that wasn’t on the continent of Antarctica. And I was far colder this year than I was last year at McMurdo, which tells you a little something about the weather down south this time of year (it’s balmy!). Or maybe it tells you something about my inability to dress correctly for races. One of the two.

It is weird though that even though I’ve been a runner for 13 years, I had to go to the literal end of the Earth to run my first Turkey Trot. The McMurdo Turkey Trot did something right, because it has me hooked. So even if my glaciology career comes to a screeching halt (unlikely), I’ll have a yearly reminder of my first Antarctic field season (and all 23 weather-delayed days at McMurdo) every Thanksgiving as I toe the line at a Turkey Trot.

(3) Because the field season is so late this year (more on that in my next post), I didn’t miss the biggest meeting (in terms of population) of the year for Earth scientists. The annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union is like a college reunion for everyone in Earth science. You get to see anyone you’ve ever gone to school with, anyone you’ve ever done science with, anyone you want to do science with, and 18,000 other scientists. I’m not exaggerating here when I say “anyone ever”—I spent an evening talking to my advisor and her undergraduate advisor. That’s like my great-great-great grandfather in science? Or maybe my crazy great-uncle? [This isn’t mean to reflect on the person himself; just trying to figure out his relation to me, scientifically.]

ANYWAY, I’m back. I’ll probably inundate you with posts in the near future, like about what this year will bring, my biggest regret from last season, and more. Stick around…



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