Posted by: sioglac | Dec 13, 2012

Links Links Links

I have about 10 months of links to catch up on giving you. But we’ll keep them coming in spurts as to not overwhelm:

Lake Ellsworth drilling: First images emerge: Today’s BBC article about Subglacial Lake Ellsworth drilling. I’d probably recommend a daily google of “BBC Ellsworth” because there should be a new article with updates every day. Or, alternatively, just go to…

EllsworthLIVE: Outreach page for the Lake Ellsworth project. A lot of pictures, which is really really cool.

WISSARD on Facebook: Updates (pictures!) from my colleagues that are down in Antarctica already, who make me jealous every day.

WISSARD homepage: We had a full website overhaul over the past year. Go check out the new site! There’s a ton of new, fantastic content thanks to our awesome education and outreach coordinate, Susan Kelly.

Increased ice loss due to increased snowfall: A really interesting article just came out in Nature today presenting modeling results that show how an increase in snowfall over East Antarctica (which is the expected outcome of warmer air temperatures) could cause a dynamic increase in ice discharge to the ocean (or, as the rest of the world calls it, sea-level rise). Increased snowfall has to this point been regarded as a short-term reprieve from global sea-level rise. It seems we should maybe rethink that. Read up on the latest science has to offer.

Robert Scott’s Mt. Erebus camp found: Just as a reminder to everyone: what happens in Antarctica stays in Antarctica…. forever. A camp from Scott’s fatal 1912 expedition was just discovered by some scientists on Mt. Erebus. Sadly, no whiskey has been recovered yet.

That should be enough to get you through until the weekend, right?


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