Posted by: sioglac | Dec 20, 2012

Happy Thursday, here are some links.

Prep for the field season is now in full swing, picking up last minute items (hello, alarm clock!) followed by packing, repacking, and repacking some more. Prep also includes a lot of planning: we had 90 minutes worth of teleconferences yesterday to discuss the latest news from McMurdo and outlining the work for Team GPS when we get there. My prep keeps derailing when I search for something on this very blog and start re-reading posts from last year. While I do pat myself for the posts I did write (found this one open on my computer when I woke up), I missed so much that we did last year. I’ll do my best to keep you more fully updated this year! On to some links:

Lucas with the Antarctic Double Down. A bacon and cheddar cheese sandwich, with fried chicken for the bun.

  • Pictures from last season: Hey look! All my pictures from last season. Take a gander. Ask me questions about them.
  • Antarctica: why has a bit of it been renamed: So the British Foreign Office just renamed a bit of Antarctica. Read up on that in a blog post by the Guardian, in standard English humo(u)r.
  • B511: A Lake Odyssey: Last year, in my travel-delayed boredom, I wrote a brief roundup of the Antarctic Blogworld. Well, my field season is so late this year that some field blogs have come and gone already! Read up on a friend’s adventures in a very different (and very very beautiful) area of Antarctica.
  • Race Is On To Find Life Under Antarctic Ice: I linked it yesterday, but why  not link it again! National Geographic had a great write up of the search for life in subglacial lakes, complete with quote from my advisor! Fantastic article, minus the whole “saying it’s a race in the title” thing. It’s not a race.
  • Replacement parts shipped: Speaking of it not being a race, great news from the Ellsworth team! Martin Siegert says spare parts are on their way to the field team. Let’s hope for a quick, successful repair.

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