Posted by: sioglac | Jan 6, 2013

Lost: Grace’s Seal Pup

Grace, our seismologist extraordinaire on Team GPS, went with me for a casual walk last Thursday to the store at Scott Base (the New Zealand base ~1.8 miles away). At the store, Grace fell in love with an adorable little seal pup and immediately decided it would go everywhere with her.

Real seals just outside Scott Base

Real seals just outside Scott Base

The seal pup found a great little seat in the back of Grace’s backpack:

An adorable little guy

An adorable little guy

When all the graduate students associated with WISSARD photo portraits, Grace graciously allowed me have my picture taken with her furry little friend:


A bearded scientist with his friend’s baby seal

After our photo shoot, we head to Sunday dinner, where Grace realizes she lost track of her little bud. After much searching, she gave up and sadly picked her food. Where could the seal pup have gone??

We went back to the office after dinner and Grace found this:

photo (2)

Oh my gosh!

We’re at a loss as to what to do. Some evil, evil soul kidnapped the cutest seal puppy on the planet and requested cookies as ransom. But cookies only exist in McMurdo on Wednesday, when we are hopefully in the field. Does the FBI work in Antarctica? Since this could be an international incident (with the puppy seal being a New Zealander and all), are we supposed to involve the CIA?? Can anyone figure out who the evil seal kidnapper is?????????

Be on the look out. Rewards for information leading to recovery…



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