Posted by: sioglac | Mar 24, 2014

Programming Note

I’ve been thinking for quite awhile about the future of this blog. I obtusely referenced this struggle in a previous post from McMurdo and I think I’m finally ready to come to terms with it. A field blog only works if you (a) go to the field a lot (check!) and (b) constantly have new stories  from the field (……). I love my work out in Antarctica (there is a reason I keep going back after all), but to tell you the truth, it’s a bit repetitive: kick it in New Zealand for a few days, get stuck in McMurdo a week or three, fly to the Whillans Ice Stream, drive over 1000 miles on a snow machine, dig some holes, collect some data, come home. It’s been three years of that. Each year, I find myself with more responsibilities and, as a result, less time to write from the field. But I don’t even know what I’d write if I had time: I feel like I’ve told all the stories already. Plus out on in the middle of nowhere Antarctica, all the pictures pretty much look the same (not that I stop taking them).

So where is all of this going? We’re opening this blog up to be more than “our glaciology field blog” (though I’m keeping that tag line). I was inspired by the original Scripps Glaciology graduate student Jeremy Bassis (now professor at University of Michigan). He told me that in his lab group, once a week (or maybe every other week? I don’t remember; it was awhile ago) everyone is barred from using a computer. They read books, print out journal articles, derive equations on paper, and *gasp* don’t watch videos of cats on youtube. We’re gonna have the bizarro version of Jeremy’s unplugged vision: I’m going to reserve part of an afternoon every other week to update the blog on the going-ons of Scripps Glaciology, glaciology as a field, or just generally cool science. Already in 2014, our group has done some amazing work (6 publications in 2014 already?!) and I think you all should at least hear about the tasty end-product of the sausage factory I’ve been intermittently describing over the past two and a half years.

Sound good? We’ll get things started tomorrow (okay maybe Wednesday) with some prettttyyyy exciting news in the work life of Matt. Stay tuned.


This just about summarized about what happened to this blog 😦



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