Posted by: sioglac | May 3, 2014

Vatican Day 2a: an 11 hour day

Have you ever sat in a conference for 11 hours? The day after you sat in there for…11 hours? 22 hours of conference in 48 hours, after being at a different conference in a different country for the four days previous is ROUGH. Wow. So no recap on the day. (Even though it was awesome and Walter Munk (a) brought the house down with his talk and (b) had one of the greatest closing lines to a day ever: “As an oceanographer, if I had the choice between the sea encroaching on land and the land encroaching on the sea, I’ll take the sea over land.” [Meeting ajourned.])

I’ll write something up tomorrow. In the mean time, here are two links to summaries from Day 1 (NYT and CCC) and some quotes from Day 2:

“[The climate system] is not a computer with an undo button.” Hans Joachim Schellnhuber

“If you want it to last centuries, float it!” Walter Munk


Backside of the cupola


UN style desks


Workshop’s front door


Walter, post-talk, on the big screen!


Random arch. We can wander the Vatican at our pleasure… Probably the coolest thing ever.



  1. […] day of the Vatican’s Workshop on Sustainable Humanity, Sustainable Nature. I highlighted some of my favorite quotes from the second day, but never really gave a round up of what “went down”. I’m not sure the best way […]

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