Posted by: sioglac | Oct 30, 2015

Oh hai.

Time to dust off the ol’ field blog. Let’s see what has happened since the last time I checked in…

  1. I graduated, so that’s Dr. ScrippsOnIce to you! (Also, Fernando graduated! Postdocs for everyone!)
  2. I finally posted pictures from last field season. Oh and the season before that. Take a gander.
  3. I started an Instagram account for our lab group. Check out (and follow) sioglaciology.
  4. That’s an important link because it seems I’m leaving for Antarctica again tomorrow. I’ll be based out of McMurdo this year as part of the ROSETTA-Ice project (i.e., I’ll have sort-of-consistent Internet), so I hope to post to Instagram just about daily to show you the going-ons (goings-on? goings-ons?).
  5. I also hope to actually write text and post it on here. But, we know how that has worked out in the past

There are more updates, but I’ll send those along as they come up. For now, I have to head to a meeting about our outreach plan for COP21. Oh, right. I guess that’s a good update: Thanks to the kinds of the Scripps Development Office, I’ll be attending the United Nations Climate Change conference in Paris in December (also known as COP21).

It’s going to be a busy 6 weeks.


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